About us
HAMEC was established on 24th November, 1997 by Chief Oyekunle Alex-Duduyemi, the Asiwaju of Ile – Ife in memory of his late father, Chief Henry Alex-Duduyemi. This was in a bid to give back to his community as well as to fufil a lifelong dream.
At HAMEC, our focus is on the creation of the “Total Child”. By this we mean that we foster an environment where our students attain academic excellence, possess high moral and ethical values and are conscious of their roles in society, while still protecting the innocence of childhood. This is achieved through strong pastoral care and an effective mentoring system. We are extremely proud of our College as it boasts of modern educational facilities which enhances effective teaching and learning. Our dedicated workforce in tandem with the College Management work to achieve our vision of being the school of choice for parents yearning for an all-round education for their wards.
Our campus is situated less than a kilometre away from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) which gives us the unique opportunity to interact with the university on various levels such as seminars, competitions, visitations and other programmes. Our senior students, in particular, are thus able to get a foretaste of life in a tertiary institution. We work hard to ensure that every young person is happy, safe and successful – a credit to themselves, their family, their college and most importantly Nigeria and the World. We look forward to having you join the HAMEC family.

“I believe in the future of Nigeria. And I know that our destiny lies in the hands of these young ones. For their development, I have committed the rest of my life……to build well rounded Nigerian youth that are not only going to be leaders of different sectors of the Nigerian economy in the near future, but also function effectively as world citizen. This is what HAMEC was founded to deliver”.
About Us
We are a co-educational boarding school for children aged 10 – 17 years. We are fortunate to be situated in Ile-Ife in the South West of Nigeria, a quiet serene town often referred to as the centre of Yoruba culture.
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